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Bridal Expo’s and all their money saving goodness

If you’re planning a wedding there is no way you haven’t heard of or been to one of the elusive bridal expos. They are a huge help when planning a wedding. All your vendors in one spot all offering specials and discounts? Nothing could be more helpful. But did you know you can also score a killer deal on a designer wedding gown? Because you can! We work with the BrideWorld Expo circuit and sell gowns at most of their Expo’s. It’s a great way to try great styles and save a lot of money.

So come see us! We will be at the Ontario expo on Sunday July 27th! We have hundreds of dresses to choose from so I promise you wont want to miss it. The video below gives a little bit of an idea of how it goes!

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Beautiful Waterfront Wedding

So we kind of love this wedding. Like really really love this wedding. The bride, Kori, was a blast to work with so we knew her wedding was going to be a fun one. When she sent us the pictures we weren’t sure what shined more, her or that insane sunset. Everything about this day looks happy. And at the end of it all that’s what it’s about people. Love and happiness.


Kori and Braden-0703

Kori and Braden-0079Kori and Braden-0081

Kori and Braden-0078

Kori and Braden-0139Kori and Braden-0707

Kori and Braden-0848Kori and Braden-0850

Kori and Braden-0709


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Keep the love alive!

Sometimes we really love the Huffington Post’s wedding section. Today we stumbled upon this write up and couldn’t agree more. Definitely something to keep in mind while you’re wedding planning.


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Pronovias Spring 2015

They’re here! Pronovias has released their 2015 preview collection and they have started to arrive here in the store. Every season Pronovias finds a way to blow our minds but this season they have taken it to a whole new level. Their lace has never been better, the textures flow effortlessly and the shapes are perfectly fitted. You really wont want to miss seeing these. Call and make your appointment so we can all obsess over them together!





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Summer Sioree

It’s that time of year again when the temperatures rise and the invitations start to pour in. There is a reason summer is the busiest season for weddings. Between the weather and the constant feel of vacation everyone is relaxed and ready for a good time. It also provides some of the prettiest locations and scenery. Whether we’re talking beach setting or an over grown garden summer just kind of has it all.

So we decided to make a little inspiration board full of pictures of our ideal summer wedding. Between dresses, florals and locations here is what we might do for our very own summer soiree.

27aa6f5087a1e8613e98396d7706d7ebOMBERA_B7_9110FSOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com






The Bridal Party:


I mean really I could go on for days and create story boards for dozens of different weddings but we’ll keep it under control. We hope you guys have as much fun planning as we do mock planning. There’s so much out there this just begins to scratch the surface. Remember when planning there are no rules and you can do whatever your heart desires.


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It’s all in the details.

When it comes to Enzoani you can guarantee no single stitch in their designs is left untouched. Every single bead, crystal or applique is placed in it’s spot for a very specific reason. No other designer quite covers all the bases like Enzoani does. That’s why here at the store giddy is the unanimous feeling when we book a trunk show with them. Knowing their beading and amazing silhouettes are going to be taking over our show room a countdown immediately starts in our minds.

Our boutique turns into an Enzoani extravaganza on May 10th and returns May 16th-18th. Trust me when I say you wont want to miss this.




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Classic Southern California Wedding

When we think of a classic bride soft fabrics, fuller skirts, and just the right amount of sparkle comes to mind. So basically everything that our bride Caylee was on her day. Every picture we look at comes along with an audible sigh because these are so dreamy. You can feel the happiness and light airy feel of this day radiate out of the photos. Also I just want to give a quick shout out to that necklace. I mean hello gorgeous! Also that location is amazing. The greenery offsetting the light colors of the girls dresses is absolutely stunning. All in all these pictures are something we are going to be loving for quite some time. We are sure this beautiful day is the first of many many more to come for the two of them.






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Los Angeles Engagement Session

The thing we love about engagement pictures is they only get better with the wedding photos. So when one of our brides shows us her engagement session and it looks like the one you’re about to see we go comatose for a second. Some of the best engagement photos have beautiful backgrounds, lighting or settings but still don’t over shadow the future Mr. and Mrs. These are no exception. We are also excited because her dress and accessories all came together so beautifully there’s no way it wont take your breathe away just like his is going to disappear when he sees her for the first time. So enjoy and future brides take note! Your engagement shoot should capture the essence of your relationship so don’t be afraid to be yourselves. Look how awesome that ends up turning out.





PHOTOS BY WWW.bkm-photography.com/

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Sottero and Midgley Spring Trunk Show

Trunk show season is upon us friends. We’re ready for a whirlwind of sparkle and lace flying in and out of here like a revolving door. April is going to be a good month because we have our Sottero and Midgley trunk show happening. The 4th through the 6th these beaded babies are taking over our show room and are bound to leave a mark. They are every vintage brides dream with delicate details and soft skirts to swoon over. Beautiful necklines are accompanied by perfectly crafted cap sleeves and low backs. Let’s just say these dresses have more sparkle then the entire Great Gatsby wardrobe department could have dreamed of.

SOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com

SOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com

SOTTERO and MIDGLEYwww.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com

SOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEYwww.sotteroandmidgley.com

SOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com

SOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com

They are so beautifully done there is no way you could pass up and opportunity to see them. Give us a call and book an appointment for the trunk show! These beauties will be waiting!


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Mariposa Welcomes Ellis Bridals

Everyone likes new and exciting things and here we’re no different. So when Ellis Bridals approached us about possibly being one of their very few retailers on the west coast we were basically buzzing with excitement. Straight out of the  UK Ellis Bridals has 96 years of creating and designing under their belt. They strive for perfection with the construction and fit of the dress with inner corsets every bride wants. Basically what that means is these bad boys fit like a dream. Nothing is sacrificed with the designs either. Whether you want lace, satin, beaded straps or high necklines they’ve got you covered. We couldn’t be more elated about this partnership and the future designs we will get to experience.









Give us a call for an appointment and be prepared to fall in love 714-776-6881

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