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Classic Southern California Wedding

When we think of a classic bride soft fabrics, fuller skirts, and just the right amount of sparkle comes to mind. So basically everything that our bride Caylee was on her day. Every picture we look at comes along with an audible sigh because these are so dreamy. You can feel the happiness and light airy feel of this day radiate out of the photos. Also I just want to give a quick shout out to that necklace. I mean hello gorgeous! Also that location is amazing. The greenery offsetting the light colors of the girls dresses is absolutely stunning. All in all these pictures are something we are going to be loving for quite some time. We are sure this beautiful day is the first of many many more to come for the two of them.






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Los Angeles Engagement Session

The thing we love about engagement pictures is they only get better with the wedding photos. So when one of our brides shows us her engagement session and it looks like the one you’re about to see we go comatose for a second. Some of the best engagement photos have beautiful backgrounds, lighting or settings but still don’t over shadow the future Mr. and Mrs. These are no exception. We are also excited because her dress and accessories all came together so beautifully there’s no way it wont take your breathe away just like his is going to disappear when he sees her for the first time. So enjoy and future brides take note! Your engagement shoot should capture the essence of your relationship so don’t be afraid to be yourselves. Look how awesome that ends up turning out.





PHOTOS BY WWW.bkm-photography.com/

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Sottero and Midgley Spring Trunk Show

Trunk show season is upon us friends. We’re ready for a whirlwind of sparkle and lace flying in and out of here like a revolving door. April is going to be a good month because we have our Sottero and Midgley trunk show happening. The 4th through the 6th these beaded babies are taking over our show room and are bound to leave a mark. They are every vintage brides dream with delicate details and soft skirts to swoon over. Beautiful necklines are accompanied by perfectly crafted cap sleeves and low backs. Let’s just say these dresses have more sparkle then the entire Great Gatsby wardrobe department could have dreamed of.

SOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com

SOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com

SOTTERO and MIDGLEYwww.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com

SOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEYwww.sotteroandmidgley.com

SOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com

SOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.comSOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com

They are so beautifully done there is no way you could pass up and opportunity to see them. Give us a call and book an appointment for the trunk show! These beauties will be waiting!


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Mariposa Welcomes Ellis Bridals

Everyone likes new and exciting things and here we’re no different. So when Ellis Bridals approached us about possibly being one of their very few retailers on the west coast we were basically buzzing with excitement. Straight out of the  UK Ellis Bridals has 96 years of creating and designing under their belt. They strive for perfection with the construction and fit of the dress with inner corsets every bride wants. Basically what that means is these bad boys fit like a dream. Nothing is sacrificed with the designs either. Whether you want lace, satin, beaded straps or high necklines they’ve got you covered. We couldn’t be more elated about this partnership and the future designs we will get to experience.









Give us a call for an appointment and be prepared to fall in love 714-776-6881

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Reason #1 We Have the Best Job

Every time any of us stylists meet someone new or, tell someone what we do for the first time, we always get the same reaction. It’s excitement wound together with curiosity. We’ve all seen the shows and day dreamed with our pinterest’s as inspiration so it’s understandable. It really is an exciting place to spend every day. BUT the real reason it’s easy to get out of bed and come to the boutique every morning is the people and the stories we hear every day. It’s impossible to work here and not fully believe in a thing called love. It’s everywhere and we’re just lucky enough to be surrounded by it every single day.

The other day I had a bride whose story warmed my heart a little more then normal. She came in, introduced herself and then went on to explain this is her second wedding. This already makes me excited because I fully believe every love in life should be celebrated whether it’s your first, second or last love. As we’re going through dresses and chatting she mentions “this wedding has been 45 years in the making”. At that point you could have told me there was an elephant doing ballet on our stage and I wouldn’t have cared. I needed to hear this story. She went on to explain that her and her fiancé had dated for the first time when she was 15 and he was 17. They were together for 2 years and things we’re getting serious enough for them to start talking marriage. He always said they would have 6 kids which she would laugh at and say 2 max.  Their parents got worried that they would run off and elope so her parents sent her to stay with her aunt in India. She was there for a few years and by the time she came back they had lost touch and moved on to different lives. She ended up falling in love and marrying another wonderful man who she had a happy life with. After 3 kids and many years later she found herself single and living where she had grown up. One random day while she was out and about she ran into the last person she ever expected to see, her first love. From that moment on they were inseparable again and it was like no time had passed at all. A year later he proposed and now they are planning the wedding they talked about when they were teenagers. And he was totally right, between her kids and his there are 6 of them. Everything turned out exactly like they always said.

It’s amazing the things we get to experience here. This story is something I’m going to be telling for a very long time. When you work in an environment completely driven by love and want to spend your life with someone it’s impossible to not feel it all around you. At the end of the day, after the chaos of ship dates, entourage disagreements and mother in laws it’s still very clear the reason we do what we do. Love is something to celebrate and we are incredibly lucky to get to experience it every day.

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Paloma Blanca is what dreams are made of.

Since the new Paloma Blanca gowns have been arriving in our boutique we’ve had a hard time focusing. Day dreaming about the perfect soft romantic wedding complete with one of these gowns is just too easy. We can’t help ourselves! With the most delicate lace added to the silkiest organza these dress really are a dream. And as always Paloma has absolutely nailed it when it comes to texture. These skirts move as if you’re gliding when you walk. It’s completely effortless. I dare you not to fall in love with the romance Paloma Blanca creates.






I mean come on. They’re gorgeous. Something about them just says I’m always this beautiful and never have to try. They are now here at the boutique for fitting so give us a call, schedule an appointment and prepare to fall in love.

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Danielle Fishel is a blushing Mariposa bride

When Danielle walked into our boutique earlier this year we new she would be one of the most beautiful brides we had ever seen. Now I can say without a doubt we were absolutely right. She wore the Enzoani Dakota gown like it was designed specifically for her. Adding in the Justine M Couture belt and Paloma Blanca veil the complete look vibrated with effortless beauty. The day was captured from top to bottom by APictureLife Photography and the whole thing looks nothing less then perfect. Just wait until you see the black and white photo in the hallway. We saw it for the first time a couple weeks ago and it’s still blowing our minds. Danielle and Tim looked like everything a couple should be on their wedding day. Relaxed, happy and head over heels in love. We are so happy to have been able to be a part of such a beautiful day and wish endless happiness to one of the nicest girls we have ever met.













Head on over to http://apicturelife.wordpress.com/ for the full experience. There is so much more this post barely begins to scratch the surface.


Congrats again to the beautiful couple!

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Yelp it from the rooftops

Let’s be honest does anyone do anything anymore without consulting the all knowing wizard that is Yelp? If so we don’t know them. When we ask the question “how did you find us?” while working with our brides 99% of the time the answer is Yelp. It has become the person whose opinion you trust most and you didn’t even realize it.

As a business Yelp can make you or break you. Luckily for us our page has become that mom who never stops talking about their kids accomplishments. Although unlike the kids we are incredibly grateful for it. The reviews our brides have left for us give us face splitting grins because nothing makes us happier then knowing they’re happy. Here is a couple I pulled out of the archives:

“I love this place. We went to a bunch of different bridal boutiques and this place, by  far, has the best selection. There’s a large array of different styles in a large array of prices….The girls who work here are very helpful, patient and sweet as well. Be sure to visit this boutique when shopping for a wedding dress!”

“I found my wedding dress here yesterday and I have to say it was such a magical experience! I decided to come here because of their rave reviews on yelp.  My consultant was Stephanie and she was so wonderful! She was so helpful, friendly, patient and encouraging! I never felt that she was rushing me or being pushy whatsoever. I enjoyed the entire experience so much that I did not want to leave the store or get out of the dress I chose”

Trust me when I say as a staff reading these make our day. We are so grateful to every big day we get to be a part of and when we read these  reviews it reconfirms just how special our job is. So consider this blog as a thank you to our Yelpers who have given us so much to be thankful for. We truly appreciate it from the bottom of our bridal loving hearts.

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Spring trend chaos

As the Spring 2014 lines start to trickle in we’ve noticed something. Nothing matches! We have absolutely every end of the spectrum coming in to the store and everything is so unique. So we got curious. What would you wear? We want to know what side of the trends you guys are falling on. So we categorized everything into 3 separate categories and we’re putting it to a vote. Check out the trends and let us know what you’re loving!

eclipseClean lines with sleek sophistication
LENNIE_BDainty details with a unique presence
7_C288FBold beading that makes an entrance




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Pink is the new… Everything.

Fall Bridal Fashion Week is just about as exciting as Christmas here in the wedding world. It sets the tone for the next year and really separates the new trends from the old. This year the one thing that was impossible to miss in the hours I have spent fawning over the runway shows is the pink. Pink gowns, pink accessories and pink flowers everywhere you turned. Vera Wang had half of her line in pink! It’s happening people, the bridal revolution. The best part of todays weddings and all the DIY goodness that is being created is the over turning of the rules. There are so many incredibly creative things coming from the world of weddings lately and it’s no surprise that it’s influencing the dress. Color has been popping up for a couple of seasons now but nothing like it is now. It also seems like everyone is on board. Almost every designer that showed at Fashion Week had some sort of color in the line. This is exciting stuff people! That means if white isn’t your thing then you don’t have to wear it. The dress guidelines have been thrown out the window and you’re free to move about the cabin.

8C9393165-tdy-vera-wang-wedding-dress-131015-03.blocks_desktop_mediumaustin-scarlett-as18-bridal-market-fall-2013-h724                                                       Vera Wang                                        Austin Scarlett

Watters                                                             Lazaro










Romona Keveza                                                   Vera Wang


So get out there and express yourself! There is no more bridal box containing you and your ideas so have fun with it. Your wedding is yours to do what you want with so say goodbye to tradition and hello to your own style!

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